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Why drinking veggies is good for you


The Benefits of drinking veggies compared to eating them.

In todays society we often just bite and don’t properly chew our food. Many people don’t know, that by chewing our food at least 30 times, we give the stomach a chance to also absorb nutrients from what we eat. Mostly our body receives big chunks of food which are not well digested and therefore nutritious food only passes the body without any chance to nourish it. What a shame!

One Smoothie a day can help with this :). High speed Blenders are able to crack open the membranes of veggie cells to release the life force and nutrients. Make sure to drink your Smoothie within 20 Minutes, because after that period, this life force will be gone. “Chew” every sip and mix it well with saliva – your stomach will do a much better job in digesting and absorbing all the energy and nutrients.

Today, we had amazing Smoothies at the Baobab Juice Bar in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.


Omega3-Chia Boost!

The world’s yummiest and easiest Chia pudding

4.5 table spoons Chia seeds

2.5-3 dl Almond milk

2 tea spoons coconut flakes

Pure vanilla essence

Hand full raisins

Hand full raspberries

Close the lid and shake, shake! Or stir properly until all chia seeds are covered. Leave in fridge at least 1 hour, preferable during night. Enjoy!

What’s great about chia seeds:

  • Boosted with Omega-3 (2 tbs contains more than a salmon filet – and is of good vibration because cruelty free)

  • Great vegetable Protein source! (21 g per 100 g, which contains 18 from the 20 amino acids)

  • Keeps blood sugar balanced

  • Magnesium, potassium and zinc

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Why drinking veggies is good for you

Omega3-Chia Boost!